Mission Advancement


“Mappings helps staff teams minimize mission drift to experience authentic mission advancement.”

– Steve Logan, Founder of Mappings

Here’s what it takes:

  1. Deepening Spiritual Maturity
  2. Culture of Leadership Development
  3. Leadership Awareness of Assumptions Driving Decisions
  4. Right People in the Right Places for the Right Reasons
  5. Decision Making Aligned with Missional Priorities
  6. Substantial Feedback Loops with Accountability
  7. Compelling Ownership of Desired Outcomes
  8. Meaningful Conflict Transformation
  9. Live-giving Teamwork
  10. Exceptional Financial Stewardship
  11. Mission Alignment through Volunteer Development
  12. Faith Goals Integrated with Desired Outcomes
  13. Enhanced, Desirable Communication
  14. Definition of Key Terms