Our Assumptions


Assumptions are those things we assume to be true.

Every leadership culture has their own set of assumptions.  Because assumptions greatly influence decision making, we believe it is important to reveal our own unique set of assumptions to prospective ministry partners.

Mappings’ Assumptions

  1. A primary measurement of good leadership is the degree to which those being led are positively transformed by their interactions with the leader.
  2. Leaders will rarely lead others beyond their (own) emotional, relational and spiritual maturity.
  3. Who we become is more important than what we do.
  4. God is more interested in our loving obedience than our leadership effectiveness.
  5. Leadership decisions are sometimes driven by false assumptions that are buried below the leader’s level of awareness.
  6. That which is easiest to measure often matters less than that which is more difficult to measure.
  7. Leaders are sometimes called to do things that make little sense to those who desire to measure the effectiveness of every act.
  8. The final standard for evaluating the effectiveness of any activity is to determine whether it helps us to love God with more of our heart, soul, mind and strength.
  9. The worldview (beliefs and assumptions) of a few influential leaders will determine an organization’s culture more than any other factors combined.
  10. Many leaders are seeking transactional solutions to transformational problems.
  11. What our clients want is not always what they need.
  12. Candid responses to tests and challenges are essential to healthy leadership and organizational development.
  13. Consistent, accurate and compelling vision-casting is necessary for mission alignment and mission accomplishment.
  14. Objective insights (from familiar and unfamiliar sources) are necessary for leaders to effectively navigate seasons of significant change.