Leadership Coaching

“To consider yourself a Christian leader, your character must transcend your competency.”

– Steve Logan, Founder of Mappings

Character over Competency

I Corinthians 13: 1-3 is more than just a love lesson.  It is also a leadership lesson: our character as leaders must always outshine our competency.

To help you faithfully navigate your calling, Mappings will encourage your growth in:
1) Christ-like character
2) Leadership competency

What Leaders Do

Five Fundamental Priorities
of Exceptional Leaders.

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How do we help you develop
as a Christian Leader?

By carefully challenging your assumptions
regarding Christian Leadership.

Want to be a more effective leader?  Become aware of the false assumptions that drive your decisions.

At Mappings we believe that assumptions drive decisions. Furthermore, and perhaps more importantly, too many leadership decisions are based upon false assumptions that are buried below the level of awareness of Christian Leaders.

Therefore all of us who lead need to be very aware of the assumptions that are driving our leadership decisions.

Over the years, we have observed Christian Leaders whose decisions are driven by assumptions which, when surfaced and challenged by Mappings, the leaders themselves no longer believe their assumptions to be true.  Yet, years of leadership decisions have been made… all driven by false assumptions. Fortunately, our powerful, redemptive God is more than able to repair any damage done.

When we as leaders have not sufficiently surfaced and challenged our own assumptions, we are in danger of making unwise, and often costly, leadership decisions.

At Mappings, we help you surface and better understand the assumptions that are driving your decisions.

Then, we encourage you to do the same for others.