Volunteer Development

“When it comes to creating a healthy culture of volunteer development, there are no meaningful shortcuts. Volunteer Development is a prayerful, intentional, missional, process.”
– Steve Logan, Founder of Mappings

The Great 8

In addition to providing a clear ministry description to every volunteer, MAPPINGS encourages leaders of volunteers to have meaningful conservations with every volunteer, over the course of each month, that include eight encouraging reminders.

On a regular basis, remind volunteers…

  1. why their service matters to God.
  2. how their service furthers the organization’s mission.
  3. why they are the right person for the position.
  4. how you see them growing in their faith.
  5. ways you are praying for them.
  6. where you believe God wants them to grow.
  7. what you appreciate about their personality.
  8. where they can find help when needed.
“When leaders implement The Great 8, volunteers are more likely to grow spiritually, strive for greater effectiveness, and experience long-term satisfaction in their service.”

– Steve Logan, Founder of Mappings

Great Leaders of Volunteers

MAPPINGS will help your staff become great leaders of volunteers. The vast majority of leaders of volunteers desire training on how to best equip those they lead. Staff members quickly realize the importance of effective volunteer leadership.

So, where do you begin?

Let’s start with this:
As a leader in your organization, how much do you:

  1. …use a volunteer to develop a task? (transactional leadership)
  2. …use a task to develop a volunteer? (transformational leadership)

Your answer to these simple questions reveals your leadership priorities AND serves as a predictor of long-term success with volunteers.

MAPPINGS will help you shift your priorities, as needed, to bring about increased effectiveness, greater satisfaction and significant personal/spiritual growth.

MAPPINGS will help you take your ministry with volunteers to the next level. Throughout the process, we’ll help you better understand…

  • Biblical Perspective of Volunteers
  • Volunteer Motivation
  • Volunteer Recruitment
  • Purpose of Every Volunteer
  • Priorities for Each Volunteer
  • Leadership by Volunteers
  • Leading Volunteers Well
  • Translating the Kingdom Cause
  • Transactional vs Transformational
  • How to Re-assign a Volunteer
  • When and How to Fire a Volunteer