Mappings, LLC offers customized Leadership Development Services to Christ-honoring Churches and Para-churches.

We Benefit Organizations

  • Your Mission will Advance

    We help leaders focus their decision-making toward missional outcomes.

  • Your Teams will Align

    We help team members move in the right direction, for the right reasons.

  • Your Values will Inspire

    We encourage behaviors and attitudes that honor Christ and motivate others.

We Benefit Individuals

  • Your Leadership will Expand

    We help you help others follow Jesus with greater faithfulness.

  • Your Transitions will Prosper

    We help you realize, as a Christ follower, your best days are before you, not behind you.

  • Your Faith will Deepen

    We help you follow Jesus with greater intimacy and maturity.

Board Development

Ensuring decisions appropriately advance the mission.
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Staff Development

The right people, in the right places, for the right reasons.
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Volunteer Development

Helping others embrace and advance the organization’s mission.
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Strategic Planning

Planning the work and working the plan – for mission advancement.
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Spiritual Formation

Knowing, loving,
trusting Jesus.
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Leadership Coaching

Christ-like Character.
Leadership Competency.
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Transition Guidance

Reflect. Recover.
Renew. Reconnect.
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God’s Presence, Power, Protection and Provision.
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Our Distinctive: Above the Line Leadership©

Spend more time leading Above the Line©

The desired future for your organization depends upon the discipline of your leaders spending more time Leading Above the Line©.