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MAPPINGS International

Navigating Christian leaders and their organizations toward the greatest expression of their God-given purposes.
    MAPPINGS specializes in guiding and equipping leaders of established churches and other Christian-based organizations.
    FAITH MAPPINGS, our 501(c)(3) charitable division, specializes in guiding and equipping ministers in transition, missionaries, and smaller, less-funded ministries.

We partnered with MAPPINGS in the midst of a multi-dimensional crisis that could have finished us. With their help, we began to thrive and I grew to a new level of leadership through the influence of their character and their heart for God.

Senior Pastor

What to expect...

In our quest to help you more fully express your God-given purposes, you can anticipate growth in the following areas: 
            Mission Alignment - time, energy and dollars focused on core priorities.

            Leadership Culture - behaviors and attitudes that honor God and inspire one another.
            Strategic Provisions - products and services essential to mission accomplishment.