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Mappings provides mentoring, coaching, and consulting services to Christian leaders.​

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Spiritual Formation

Spiritual Formation encourages us to pay close attention to what God desires to accomplish IN us (while Abiding), as well as what He wants to accomplish THROUGH us (while Doing).

In Us:

Through Us:

False Summit

Many Christian leaders are convinced that becoming a strong Christian leader is mostly about advancing these three aims:

While these three dynamics are critically important, they do not represent the fullest of Christian maturity. There is much more for Christian leaders to understand and implement.


“Too many Christian Leaders wrongly assume the Productive Life to be the pinnacle of Christianity.”

Leadership Coaching

Want to be a more effective leader? Become aware of the assumptions that drive your decisions.

At Mappings we believe assumptions drive decisions. Furthermore, and perhaps more importantly, too many leadership decisions are based upon false assumptions  buried below our level of awareness that often result in poor decisions that lead to undesirable outcomes.  Therefore all of us who lead need to become very aware of the assumptions that are driving our leadership decisions.

Over the years, we have observed Christian Leaders whose decisions are driven by assumptions which, when surfaced and challenged, the leaders themselves no longer believe to be true. Yet years of leadership decisions have been made… many driven by false assumptions. Fortunately, our powerful, redemptive God is more than able to repair and renew.

Mappings will help you surface, understand and evaluate the assumptions that are driving your decisions so you can more faithfully navigate your calling! Then, we encourage you to do the same for others.


“To consider yourself a Christian leader, your character must transcend your competency.”

Transition Guidance

It is a challenge to maintain gratitude and hope while in transition. You don’t know when your next paycheck will arrive and you may wonder if anyone is interested in what you have to offer. Deep down you may question if God can be trusted or is even paying attention. Does God really love me? Is God’s timing really perfect?

Your concerns are many. That’s why it’s so important for you to have an experienced guide to help you gain perspective, refine your purpose and establish priorities throughout this season of your leadership journey.  Faith Mappings, the non-profit arm of Mappings LLC, offers such guidance.  

Faith Mappings, our non-profit division, offers scholarships for (under-resourced) Ministers in Transition.

For Christ Followers our best days are always in front of us, never behind us.

Why does Mappings hold such a conviction? Because the longer and more intimately we follow Jesus, the more our scorecard changes. In other words, we begin to re-define what “best days” really mean.

When we are younger and less mature, we define ‘success’ differently than when we are older and more mature. How does this happen? Is it because we give up? Is it because we become more cynical? Could be. But the truth is, the more we follow Jesus, the more we embrace HIS definition of success.

As difficult as transitions may be, they provide an ideal opportunity for God to change our scorecard for success.  And for this, we can be eternal grateful.


“When we follow Jesus, our best days are always ahead of us.”