Life-Giving and Transformative Outcomes


“We were connected with Steve during a particularly difficult season of ministry and marriage. Over the past few years Steve has helped us do the work of uncovering heart idols, insecurities, and wounds, and in the process we have come out with a healthier marriage and ministry! His unique approach of soul care and coaching has not only helped us as a couple, but it has given us the tools to help others in their discipleship journey as well. We are healthier leaders serving in a healthier church because of the Spirit’s work through Steve in our lives. We are so profoundly grateful for Steve and his ministry!”   
     Lead Pastor 

“What began as a recommendation from our elders after a painful season of ministry, immediately turned into the deepest season of discipleship and soul care our weary hearts needed. After one conversation with Steve, we immediately knew that the Lord had brought him to us. Steve’s patient, gentle, and tender heart created the space for safe, honest, and vulnerable conversations. We laughed together, cried together, celebrated together, and grieved together. My husband I are eternally grateful for Steve’s wise guidance on our spiritual journey.”
     Lead Pastor Spouse

“I came to Steve at one of the darkest moments in my 15-year pastoral career. Externally, things were blowing up. But the Holy Spirit used my time with Steve to unpack the internal issues I had surrounding ministry, identity, and union with Christ. In walking with me and helping me honestly fight the internal battle, his wisdom from church leadership also made a huge impact on our external circumstances. Emotional and spiritual health are connected at the hip, and Steve helped guide me to a healthier place in my journey with Jesus, and in my work in the pastorate. I highly recommend Steve as a man with experience in church-work, and in soul care, to any pastor, especially those in transition.”
     Lead Pastor 

“I can’t thank you enough for your wisdom, encouragement and strength during these past few months. You shepherded my heart well, heard me, and really cared for my heart in such a Godly way. I know I didn’t do things perfectly but my heart is to see God’s church grow and be a healthy place. So thank you for helping me to see the bigger picture. I will pray for God to protect our church, help us move forward in health and for all the good things God has for us. God bless you as you help the shepherds herd the sheep.”
     Associate Pastor

“Faith Mappings was an amazing blessing to my life when I was in a ministry transition. The saying “when it rains it pours” was certainly applicable to the many aspects of my life at that time, including the decision regarding my next career choice. Steve Logan aided me during this time in ways that I didn’t know I needed in the moment – but soon revealed his wisdom and guidance to me that has since led to fulfillments in my ministry and life that are beyond what I was hoping for in my next stages in life. I fully endorse Steve and Faith Mappings, without hesitation, and trust that you too will find the investment in your life and your ministry well worth it!” 
     Pastor in Transition

“I’m grateful for Steve Logan and Faith Mappings. During my pastoral transition, Steve was there for me. He provided encouragement when I had all but given up. He provided context when I was disoriented. He provided a safe environment for me to process my calling and gifts. He helped me discern my next chapter in ministry. This brother is a tremendous guide for pastors who are lost in the woods due to a difficult transition or simply lacking clarity regarding their calling. I will always be grateful for Steve’s friendship and guidance to me at a time when I needed it most.”
     Pastor in Transition

“I have been in pastoral ministry for twenty four years and recently was downsized out of an executive pastor position I had held for eight years. This left my wife and me in transition and pondering what our next move was to be. We began meeting with Steve Logan through his Faith Mappings organization in order to do some heart work in this period between positions. The time we have spent with Steve working through our own identity issues, grieving process, and sorting through our core values has been the richest time we have had since before starting in ministry. My wife and I have grown in intimacy with each other and have come to a much greater self-awareness through the coaching times with Steve. We feel positioned now to enter our next assignment from God with confidence knowing we will bring a huge degree of emotional and spiritual health to that assignment. I don’t think it is too strong a statement to say that the coaching we received through Faith Mappings has been the most important time in our lives.”
     Pastor in Transition

“There is an extraordinary grace upon Steve that reaches deeply into the hearts of those of us in transition. Steve has a unique gift of creating a sacred space for God to reveal His unconditional love to disillusioned hearts during unexpected shifts. I am so grateful for our season of transition that brought us into a wonderful transformation with Steve’s guidance. My husband and I will NEVER be the same!”
     Spouse of Pastor in Transition

“Faith Mappings has been such a God-send to my wife and me. Our one hour weekly coaching sessions (over the phone) have been so transformative. I wish I had known about Faith Mappings before our denomination paid for us to fly across the country to receive a very costly week of intensive coaching. (I have since told them that Faith Mappings is the better way to go.) You have helped, and are helping, us navigate a very challenging season with more wisdom, grace and encouragement than we have in the past. Faith Mappings is a gift from God.”
     Ministry Couple in Transition

“I am deeply grateful for Steve Logan and the work he does through Faith Mappings. The story of my life was harshly interrupted by an unexpected transition that left me broken, angry, fearful, and lost. I didn’t need an answer man or someone who would judge my raw emotions and angst. Steve did neither. Instead he asked great questions, listened, and let the Holy Spirit do most of the talking – leading me toward greater health and restoration. I am so extremely grateful for those who provided him with the means to dedicate his time toward helping pastors like me.  God revealed himself and his heart toward me through the countless hours set aside for me. With Steve’s help I made it through a painful valley of transition and out to the other side.  Steve understands ministry, loves God deeply, and has an amazing capacity to gently guide in a way that reveals the heart and character of Christ. I never felt pushed or judged, which allowed me to process through a mixed mess of thoughts and emotions at my own pace. Conversations with Steve were truly a life-line for me.  Faith Mappings’ sphere of touch goes far, far beyond the one person walking through transition. Not only did I benefit, but those who hurt me, my family, and now the church where I serve have benefited as well.  My deepest gratitude to you, your Board, and donors who loved me through such a difficult time. Faith Mappings helped me remain connected to Christ while seeing that not all was lost and my greatest days lie ahead. You brought hope to this man who felt so lost and hopeless. My family and I will be forever grateful. I dread to think about what I would have done without you!
     Minister in Transition

“Thank you so much for the gift of helping our son as he journeyed through his own pastoral transition. He tells us what you say and we write it down, as your wisdom and perspective helps us and we pass it on to others! Your sacrificial service is so Christ-like. By blessing him you are blessing tons of others as well. Thank you so much!”
     Parents of Pastor in Transition


“Steve’s insight, experience, grace, wisdom and continuous encouragement guided the staff and leadership of our church to identify and define our God-given mission and then to align the ministries of the church to accomplish that mission. As a result of the clarity of purpose and goals we now have, there is a greater depth of unity, spiritual vitality and growth in the church. I highly recommend the ministry of Mappings.”
     Senior Pastor

“Steve Logan’s coaching was a great gift to our church family at a critical time of seeking fresh health and direction. Alongside our Staff and Elders, he helped us clarify our mission and priorities, as well as face some underlying blocks in relationships. Rather than passing on answers, he showed us “paths” and provided “tools” for discerning God’s direction within our unique gifts, callings and ministry context. I myself did not always “enjoy” his nudges to accept some hard truths. Yet his coaching always came with much grace out of a strong desire to encourage and build up. For leaders and congregations at all stuck, or simply wanting their healthy community to grow all the stronger, I highly recommend Steve Logan and Mappings.”
     Lead Pastor

“Steve helped us in the midst of a multi-dimensional crisis that could have finished us. During this season in the life of our church, he navigated us through immense change. He aligned us with our mission, vision and core practices. He helped us develop an amazing team of people. But most importantly, he helped me to grow to a new level of leadership through the influence of his character and his heart for God.”
     Senior Pastor

“I so much appreciate you Steve.  You have had tremendous influence on me, on our team, and on our church.  I want to say thanks!  From the first time we met, your encouragement has been very helpful.  Your counsel has been very clear and concise.  It’s been so helpful to have you show me (and the team) what it means to “live above the line”.  Your mapping, your tools, have all been very helpful!  You have used them so effectively.  I’ll never forget you drawing out the “Arrow” and demonstrating the importance of being aligned together.  That’s what brings effectiveness.  You showed us how we can’t be in disagreement “above the line” and also thrive.  Your strong conviction of this was good!  And your emphasis on how everyone serving Jesus should be able to see how “what they are doing connects with the mission”! Thank you so much for your friendship and your encouragement!
     Lead Pastor

“It is my privilege to recommend Steve Logan to you. Steve is intelligent, talented and caring and he loves Jesus Christ. He served Cherry Hills Community Church for nine years, in charge of our Congregational Life Department. He has excellent leadership skills and insights and is a person of great integrity. I admire Steve personally for being a godly family man. Steve would bless any ministry and organization through his service. I rarely write letters of recommendation, so in commending Steve to you, I am serving not only Steve, but you and the Lord as well.”
     The late Jim Dixon
     Founding PastorCherry Hills Community Church

“I have known Steve Logan since the early 90’s. Forged from years in the trenches, Steve brings depth and breadth to his coaching and consulting. He has a way of delivering helpful insights to each organization he works with and his MAPPING process provides a way of thinking about ministry that brings clarity, direction, and alignment. Steve is exceptional at helping individuals find their most effective place in the organization and in developing their potential into a reality. He is one of the best people developers I know. Steve’s personal style, deep experience in practical ministry, and keen insights increase leaders’ effectiveness and release their potential as they focus their efforts on leading rather than managing. He does this without a “cookie-cutter” approach, adapting to the context & culture of his clients.”
     Harvey Powers, Ph.D.
     Founder and PresidentThe Redimere Group

“Separating out the Above the Line and Below the Line issues is something I now use every day in my ministry leadership.”
     Worship Pastor

“Mappings has been a blessing to my ministry, both in scope and efficacy. The importance of leadership has been faithfully modeled each step of the way, whether that has been through the timely advice given on how to best facilitate my organization’s next Board meeting or the questions that somehow get right to the root of my personal leadership philosophies and presuppositions, with patient and loving suggestions offered alongside each potential growth area. There is a whole host of leadership programs available to us in this modern world, but I have yet to find one that models the truth and grace that Mappings provides.”
     Executive Director, Non-Profit

“I have appreciated everything you brought to our staff.  You are so authentic in your leadership style.  You empower the people you are leading and teaching.    It’s been great to see your leadership within our staff because you have modelled to us how to lead volunteers in our areas.  I appreciate how much you believe in me, and how you pulled out gifts in me that I didn’t know I had.  One of the ways that you have helped me move the mission forward in my area is the way you use common language in everything I do.  It’s been so good to see ‘my volunteers’ go from a place of doing ministry – to owning it themselves.  When I hear people use the language that you have brought here… it makes me so thankful for you!  And it’s enabled all of us to move forward in a powerful way.  Steve, we are all so thankful for you and for the time you have invested in us.”
     Missions Pastor

“As a businessman who has been in the working world for 50 years, I am very aware of the importance of good leadership. Steve Logan’s role in training and serving Christian leaders is extremely valuable. God has gifted him with the ability to observe, listen and give good advice to ministry leaders. His competency is matched by his strength of character. People trust him and feel very comfortable sharing their needs and concerns with him. I would be happy to endorse Steve to any organization which is looking for help in these areas. As an Army officer of many years ago I remember the motto of the Infantry school at Fort Benning, “Learn to lead”. We need Christian men and women who will lead with competency and character. Steve has made a difference and I thank God for him.”
     The late Paul R Lewan
     Founder, Lewan and Associates

“It was during Steve Logan’s presentation to a group of seasoned 3rd year Doctor of Ministry students when I first learned of his extraordinary ability to help others develop a well-integrated philosophy and strategy for ministry. I was greatly impressed! Highly practical and surprisingly non-linear, Steve’s expertise in relating theory to practice is exactly what is needed for organizations seeking to achieve their greatest influence for Christ in a generation of accelerated change. There is no question that Steve’s approach is the bedrock of solid leadership planning. I recommend Steve to any church or para-church seeking to gain focus, create alignment and establish criteria for good decision making throughout their organization.”
     Rodney L. Cooper, Ph.D.
     ProfessorGordon-Conwell Theological Seminary